As female entrepreneurs & coaches, we want a worthwhile career & not just a j-o-b. A career with high-level engagement & opportunities to grow on a self-driven platform within a community culture that demonstrates accountability & respect for everyone. But we’re faced with internal & external forces that keep us stuck.

With the negativity spewed by liars, judgers, critics, & haters [external], we can question our talents resulting in imposter syndrome [internal].


These capital J jerks thrive on workplace dysfunction & embrace a gender-bias culture of inequality.

In Don’t Just Try, Do “It” For Your WHY, discover how Angie Giltner, a zealous leader, triumphs over “that’s all you’re worth!” and other crap to transformational success. The instant gratification of peer & self-acceptance made Angie’s victory even sweeter!

Don’t Just Try, Do “It” For Your WHY will bring to light how you can learn from Angie’s mistakes!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you'll learn:

*Show you how the implementation of intentional verbs into your life will quickly  result in overcoming stagnation & boredom

*Tricks to reduce anxiety & gain a healthy life/work harmony

*How to move beyond trying & start to implement verbs so that you’ll quickly achieve your goal/dream

... and much, MUCH More!

And that's not all... Don’t Just Try, Do “It” For Your WHY will also show you how to move mountains & trailblaze a social impact, equality path not only for yourself but for the next generation of professional women.

“Don’t stay within your known limits. Life’s much more exciting outside the lines.” Angie Giltner

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